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IZASA is the southern Africa arm of the International Zinc Association (IZA).

With the Sub-Saharan Africa zinc market showing unprecedented growth, IZASA is perfectly positioned to assist with market development interventions to ensure that the zinc value adding industry takes its rightful place in the continent. IZASA acts as a focus for the industry in Africa providing a platform for industry discussion with governments, their institutions and other stakeholders.

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2014/15 Sub-Saharan Africa Zinc Market Report NOW RELEASED

The Market Study for the first time covers the key regions of West and East Africa in depth to assess the market potential for galvanized products currently and in the immediate future. Six of the worlds fastest growing economies are now in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The focus on Nigeria, Kenya and, Ethiopia specifically is deliberate to highlight the high potential for zinc consumption of these countries within the growing in importance regions of West and East Africa.

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Annual Review 2014

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Why zinc nano-particles work ?

The use of zinc oxide for sunscreen formulations dates back to 1946 by Franz Greiter who also invented the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating system. The benefit of zinc oxide is that it is totally photostable and is the broadest spectrum reflector of UVA and UVB used in sunscreens. The use of nano-particles renders sunscreens invisible avoiding the white nose cricketers look...read more


Zinc's Role in Treating Depression

It’s well known that zinc is critical to the healthy operation of the human immune system — put simply, the base metal allows the body to respond properly to infectious diseases. However, an article published recently in Biological Psychiatry suggests that zinc may also be useful in treating depression…… read more



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